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The End of the Pratfall…

August 7, 2011

I am in a comedic mood today after watching an old Charlie Chaplin movie. It seems to me that the slapstick pratfalls would no longer be relevant to comedy in a world where the brain and computer are united. Many accidents happen from a lack of attention to the world around us. Would such accidents occur if the computer half of a cybernetic brain was doing the thinking that steals our attention away? How would humor change with our change in mental capabilities?

Thoughts? Jokes?

One Comment
  1. Perhaps the biggest humor in Physics today is that String Theory is evolving backwards, you could call it the biggest accident in Physics History. I believe that the beauty of such said “accidents” are what makes humans who they are, so if that beauty is removed, are we left with just autonomous “containers” without souls, or will it usher us into the next generation of “super-humans”?

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