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The Link Between Science Fiction and Fantasy

November 2, 2011

I read and enjoy both genres, but I choose to write science fiction. Still, it seems to me that there is much to be said for the stories which merge them. In my new novel, Nanomagica, attributes of fantasy are weaved into the techno thriller story in a unique way.  I am interested in exploring other types of hybrid story lines in the future and have begun to take notes for a novel in which science fiction is weaved into a fantasy story.

As I have explored this in my notes, it seems to me that there are many ways to do this hybridization that stretch both genres in unexpected ways. For science fiction, it introduces an interesting avenue for world-building and an interesting and mystical contrast with the usual certainty of scientific and technological themes. For fantasy, it provides a new path to stretch and go beyond the classical attributes of magic, mythical creatures, religion, feudalism, and swordplay. I can see many paths of combination and approaches to this and would like to explore all paths in future writings.

Dune is a good example of the weaving of some classical attributes (feudal society, mysticism, and political intrigue into a science fiction story. I am interested in your thoughts and other examples you may have.

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  1. Hi Norman. I think you’re right about hybridisation in this area; it would be quite fruitful, and Dune is a great example. I think it would be a shame if scifi authors left out some of the great creative aspects that fantasy has employed and anything from history that it can get its hands on and wrap up into a scifi context. You’re not going to impress some hardcore scifi readers by dipping into mysticism etc, but there are plenty of readers who are completely comfortable with multiple genres and hybrid forms and are waiting for the possibiilties to be explored more fully.

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