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The Future of Learning and Education…

December 29, 2011

Hi all,

First an apology…

I have been very busy the last few weeks editing the page proofs for my National Science Teachers Association (NSTA Press) book entitled “You Want Me to Teach What?” Te book is a how-to presentation of new and old methods for teaching physical science and mathematics. The book should be out in February. If you are a science or math teacher, or an interested student, I hope you will check it out.

I have been working on the sequel to my techno thriller, Nanomagica, and that caused me to begin thinking about all the implications of cybernetics to education and how people learn. Some thoughts…

1. If students have implants that give a student instantaneous access to the universe of information instantly, there should be no need to memorize. This means that students would be able to exercise their higher order skills earlier in the learning process. Lesson planning and assessment would have to change drastically, especially in the earlier grades.

2. What if the cybernetic programming could artificially generate synaptic connections in the brain? Like Neo in the movie The Matrix, it might be possible to learn skills at highly accelerated rates and without any prerequisite skills. Would schools be necessary? Would teachers become a kind of “brain programmer”?

3. With the addition of enhanced senses, all sorts of new levels of observation and dynamic analysis of these observations might be possible without the need for external equipment. People would be able to measure with their senses and analyze complex patterns dynamically.

4. Given synaptic programming, people would be able to change careers at a whim. How would this change the economy and the job market?

Your thoughts?


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